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Active Burn Fat Killer

Active Burn Fat Killer

It supports fat burning processes
It helps to maintain normal body weight

Food supplement

A unique food supplement with perfectly composed ingredients, whose synergistic action will help you maintain a normal body weight, supporting the acceleration of fat burning and the elimination of excess water and metabolic waste products from the body. 

Perfect figure and young look thanks to the perfect combination of valuable ingredients: 

  • L-carnitine – a substance that is produced naturally in the body, it accelerates our fat metabolism
  • pineapple, papaya and guarana extract – this improves the digestive processes by promoting the proper metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
  • dandelion root extract and milk thistle seeds – supports the elimination of excess water along with the metabolic waste products that our bodies do not need, helping you maintain a healthy body weight
  • gotu kola extract and grapes – supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the maintaining your skin’s natural tension, elasticity and resilience
  • bitter orange extract – a source of potassium and soluble fibre – due to its low glycemic index, it helps you maintain a normal rate of metabolism, especially when processing fats, and it works effectively to compliment the other ingredients above
Ingredient: Content in a daily portion (15 ml):
L-carnitine 500 mg
Water extracts of:
Citrus aurantium amarum peel: bitter orange peel 675 mg
Guarana: guarana seeds 675 mg
Vitis vinifera fructus: grape fruit 675 mg
Centellae asiaticae herba: centella herb 450 mg
Glycyrrhizae radix: liquorice root 450 mg
Taraxaci radix: dandelion root 450 mg
Silybi mariani semen: milk thistle seeds 450 mg
Ananas fructus: pineapple fruit 225 mg
Caricae fructus: papaya fruit 225 mg
Fucus vesiculosus: bladderwrack thalli 225 mg
bioflavonoids from tropical fruit 75 mg
potassium gluconate 18 mg (0,5%)*

*NRV – nutrient reference value for an average adult (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)

Ingredients: water, concentrated apple, mango and orange juices, L-carnitine (L-carnitine fumarate), water extracts of bitter orange peel, guarana seeds, grape fruit, centella herb, liquorice root, dandelion root, milk thistle seeds, papaya fruit, pineapple fruit and bladderwrack thalli, bioflavonoids from tropical fruit (including acerola cherry), sweetener – acesulfane K, potassium gluconate, preservative – potassium sorbate.

Net volume: 480 ml

Produced in the EU for:
FM World
Poland, 51-129 Wrocław
Żmigrodzka 247
tel. +48 71 327 00 00

Measure out 15 ml of the preparation, using a measure, and dissolve it in 1.5 litters of water. Drink portions during a day, until late afternoon hours. Do not exceed the portion (15 ml) recommended for consumption during a day. Shake before use. Stratification or possible fruit particles (residue) in an obtained daily portion solution are a natural product feature and do not aect its quality. Do not use with children and adolescents of up to 18 years of age, nursing mothers and pregnant women, people with renal failure and/or diabetes and/or heart failure (because of the possibility of hyperkalemia), bile duct obstruction, thyroid disorders, hypertension or allergic to any of the ingredients.

Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The preparation cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Storage conditions: Keep in a tightly closed package, at room temperature, in a way out of the reach of young children. Protect from moisture. After opening, store in a refrigerator, no longer than 35 days.